NY Man Bulldozes Wife’s Home – Watch

Updated: January 22, 2015
NY Man Bulldozes Wife's Home - Watch

Man Rents Excavator, Bulldozes Home Without Telling Wife.

Police said James Rhein, 48, rented a bulldozer and knocked down the house before tossing the debris into dumpsters. His wife, whose name is on the deed, was not there at the time and said she had no idea he was planning to do this.

Rhein was arrested while he was allegedly knocking the house down. He claimed the foundation was crumbling and he tried to get a permit to demolish the home Monday. The government office was closed because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but he allegedly rented the bulldozer and demolished the house anyway.

No one was hurt in the demolition, though the house was knocked down with all their possessions still inside. Rhein’s wife said she knew repairs had to be made to the house, but did not know her husband was going to do this.

Rhein was charged with criminal mischief and released on $300 bail.