Nothing better than proving somebody wrong – (News)

Nothing better than proving somebody wrong –

No matter what some Bucs fans think of Donovan Smith, he is about to get paid. Starting left tackles are in short supply in the NFL, and Smith is only 25 and has started all 64 games in his career.

Either the Bucs will pay him or someone else will.

The 19 highest-paid left tackles in the league make at least $8 million a season, according to

Smith was asked by NFL Media about his detractors, who have pointed to his Pro Football Focus’ numbers.

“People have to sit out there and put stuff out there,” Smith said on Good Morning, Football, via “I mean, whether it is good or bad, whatever is going to hit, and mostly it is negative.”

The Bucs are expected to extend or franchise Smith, a former second-round pick, and he’s ready for whatever hate that generates.

“It is absolutely motivating,” Smith said. “There is nothing better than proving somebody wrong.”