“No way” AFC title game would be moved – (News)

“No way” AFC title game would be moved –

Russell Okung may be right.

Okung believes the league wants to keep the Chargers from hosting the AFC championship because the league doesn’t want the game to be played in the team’s undersized soccer stadium. In response to a report from Jason La Canfora of CBS that conversations have occurred regarding the possibility of moving the game, a Chargers source tells PFT that there is “no way” the game would be moved from Dignity Healthy Sports Park, previously known as StubHub Center.

The Chargers and AEG have a firm and binding contract requiring the game to be played at the facility. AEG would have to relinquish its contractual rights, and per the Chargers source that simply isn’t going to happen.

This is consistent with the information PFT obtained when first exploring this issue, at a time when the Chargers had a very good chance at securing the No. 1 seed. The issue currently remains moot unless the sixth-seeded Colts win on Saturday and the fifth-seeded Chargers win on Sunday. If/when those outcomes occur, full details will be provided as to how the Chargers and the league plan to stage one of the biggest games of the year at the smallest stadium in the league, by far.