No one likes losing, we want to win for Vance Joseph – (News)

No one likes losing, we want to win for Vance Joseph –

The Broncos’ season has rapidly gone south, and with it the futures of coach Vance Joseph and quarterback Case Keenum. Joseph appears certain to be fired, and Keenum likely won’t be back as the starting quarterback next season. Keenum is, unsurprisingly, unhappy about that.

Keenum said after Monday night’s loss to the Raiders that everyone on the Broncos wants to win to save Joseph’s job, but it’s just not working out.

“Nobody likes not winning, we all hate it,” Keenum said, via ESPN. “We want all want to play hard, we all want to win for coach Joseph, we all love him, he’s an incredible human and a great football coach. I want to play hard for him, for every guy in that locker room. That’s big a part of our team, our identity, that we all stick together, love, like and respect each other, that we all fight for each other. But it’s a production league, when you’re not winning, it’s tough.’’

It has been a tough year in Denver. And a year that will result in significant changes, which will start next week.