Nicolas Cage: Star Helps Man Raise Awareness for Missing Girl

Updated: November 20, 2015
Nicolas Cage: Actor Helps Man Raise Awareness for Missing Girl

Nicolas Cage posed for a photo with the step-father of a missing Brooklyn girl this week.

Alexis Boroviak, 15, went missing on Nov. 8 and her stepfather Britt Ramsey asked Cage to take a picture with her missing poster to help bring more attention to her case. Cage was filming Dog Eat Dog outside of Cleveland when Ramsey snuck onto the set, TMZ reported.

Community activist Angel Arroyo helped Ramsey facilitate the meeting. “We took the picture, [Cage] said he hopes for the best and good luck,” Arroyo told the local Fox affiliate. “He was truly a nice guy, nothing major. Just trying to do whatever we can to get her story out there.”

Anyone with information on Boroviak should call the Brooklyn, Ohio Police Department at 216-749-1234.