Nick Mullens knows he should have run on final offensive play – (News)

Nick Mullens knows he should have run on final offensive play –

49ers quarterback Nick Mullens is getting his first NFL playing time this season and it’s been a learning experience on many fronts.

One of the ways to learn is by making mistakes and Mullens did that while running the victory formation in a win over the Broncos last month. He learned another lesson on the final play of Sunday’s 14-9 loss to the Bears.

Mullens was rolling to the right on fourth-and-five with ample running room in front of him to pick up a first down with just over a minute left to play, but he chose to try a low-percentage throw to wide receiver Marquise Goodwin in the end zone. The ball was incomplete and the 49ers had their sixth one-score loss of the season.

“I should have ran,” Mullens said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “I didn’t run. In the heat of battle things happen fast. You make split-second decisions. I saw Quise down the field and tried to give him a chance instead of making the simple play.”

The 49ers may have lost the game after Mullens ran for a first down and it certainly wasn’t the only chance they missed to make a play over the course of the afternoon, but it was a lamentable mistake that Mullens wanted back “the second I threw it.”