NFL Power Rankings Week 16 : Patriots new No. 1 after Packers stumble

Updated: December 16, 2014
NFL Power Rankings Week 16 : Patriots new No. 1 after Packers stumble

ESPN Power Rankings for NFL Football 2014 Week 16 results are being revealed today December 16, 2014. The latest NFL Football rankings follows several upsets, and surprising results since last Tuesday. The latest rankings will be announced to news just after 12:30 pm PST.

32.) Buccaneers(2-12)(0) If the season ended today the Bucs would still have the first pick, yup that STILL warrants being last in my power rankings for another week for me

31.) Titans(2-12) (0) Jake Locker came in and he still didn’t play well and this team almost had it in the end to beat the Jets, thats right THE JETS at home! but again a win is a win and a loss is a loss to me and the Titans say second to last in my power rankings

30.) Raiders(2-12)(-3) oh boy the Raiders looked like the Raiders this year when they lose and thats how they loss against the Chiefs and it was bad. They looked awful all around.

29.) Jaguars(2-12) (-1)The Jaguars keep losing and looking bad and while they keep games close like they have for these past week they just lose and they loss and that just warrants one spot down in this weeks power rankings.

28.) Redskins(3-11)(+2) : RG III looked for a moment like the 2012 RG III and thats a good thing and for the way the team looked for a moment to almost upset the Giants at home Warrants a move, but one spot up!

27.) Jets(3-11)(+2) Oh hey look they won I mean it was against the Jets won for Rex Ryan and now they atleast get 3 wins this season and that warrants a move up with the Jaguars losing and looking bad

26.) Bears (5-9)(0) While despite still losing again the Bears do not move because the teams below them are just that bad but then again the Bears are not so great themselves. The Bears have so much talent but they disappoint so bad and they have all these problems that they need to work out. The offseason could not come any sooner for this team that has disappointed its fans this year.

25.) 49ers(7-7)(-4): Well its just getting worse for Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers and they have lost 3 straight for the first time in the Jim Harbaugh era and now being eliminated from playoff contention the 49ers just need to look to the offseason and fix their issues on offense and Colin Kapernick needs to have a comeback year next year. For now they’ll just play out the season to finish above .500

24.) Browns(7-7)(-5) Now I did say in last weeks power rankings that the Browns would not make the playoffs and i was right but what I did not see is Johnny Manziel being worse than Brian Hoyer but overall the whole team played bad and thats the reason for their downfall. Now the goal for the Browns is just to get Johnny Manziel some experience at the NFL level.

23.) Falcons(5-9)(-1)- They just keep on losing and the NFC South is slipping away from them and they have a chance to get back the division lead when they face the Saints this Sunday.

22.) Giants(5-9)(+2) They get a winning streak and that looks good despite the competition they were playing but hey they got the job done and man Odell Beckham Jr is pretty damn good.

21.) Vikings(6-8)(-1) They had the game against the Lions which is good as they jumped to a 14-0 lead against a pretty good defense but this is a young team and they coughed up the lead and a chance to go over .500 this year but look out for this team in the future they could be pretty good.

20.) Saints(6-8)(+5)- This team goes from looking horrible at home to look great on the road and now Drew Brees is looking like vintage Drew Brees and that was a great to see and now they have a big game against the Falcons in which could decide the NFC South.

19.) Panthers(5-8-1)(+4) They squeak out a win over the Bucs without Cam Newton and they are still in contention for a playoff spot they need help from the Falcons but they are there competing still. Ron Rivera should they win this division might have saved his job and this is without the services of Cam Newton who unfortunately was in a car crash. This team can compete but they just a little help for the Falcons and need to win the next two games to make the playoffs. Then should they make it, anything is possible.

18.) Dolphins(7-7)(-2) Again the potential is there with this team and you saw it when they were competing early against the Patriots and you thought maybe an upset against the Patriots but then in the second half of the game the wheels fell off. The offense disappeared and the defense was burned. Joe Philbin needs to be let go of this team and now they just want to finish above .500

17.) Rams(6-8)(0) Look they did lose to the Cardinals but this team is one good quarterback away from being a great team. It doesn’t help that they lost but they stay neutral because this team is a good team nobody wants on their schedule right now and this team is good and they stay at their spot because the Cardinals defense stifled the offense but the defense was consistent again.

16.) Texans(7-7)(-1) This team has the heart but the quarterback position has doomed them this year and it showed against the Colts, they were close to getting an upset but Tom Savage happened and because of the Bills doing so well gets them to move down but they just look to end this season over .500

15.) Chargers(8-6)(-2) This team is a good team no doubt about it but when they can win games against good teams like the Patriots or Broncos at home they just fall short and they keep losing and in the end maybe they won’t make the playoffs. This team can be a good team but they just loss and they lose close games and its not helping and more importantly that offensive line needs ALOT of help

14.) Chiefs(8-6)(0) They got a much needed revenge game over the Raiders and again it was the Raiders but the whole team looked great besides the passing game, though more importantly the special teams had a pretty nice day. Now they just need to win these next two tough games. Again the Chiefs need a passing game because at the moment they are just a one dimensional team by just giving it to Jamaal Charles. Again they just need to get the job done and so far they’ve done a good job.

13.) Bills(8-6) (+5) Raise your hand if you had the Bills contending for a playoff spot this year and now put your hands down because I know you just like I did, did not have the Bills doing this well this week. While I had predicted correctly the game against Green Bay in my week 15 predictions here the main thing to talk about the Bills is that defense and my gosh its a pretty good defense. Now the Kyle Orton led offense may doom them in the next two weeks but these Bills may have luck in their side. For now the Bills get a pretty big jump in the power rankings and again good job on defeating the Packers last week.

12.) Ravens (9-5)(-2): After looking so good against the Dolphins last week the Ravens stink the bed and barely beat the lowly Jags at home and thats not a good win. A win is a win but if they played the way they did on Sunday in these next two weeks their playoff dreams could go down the drain

11.) Bengals(9-4-1)(+1) After losing last week pretty badly to the Steelers they rebound and demolish and Spoil Johnny Manziel’s Browns debut and they look like a lock to make the playoffs now and also to win the division but the Bengals have been prone to lose it in these type of situations so again just look out for the Bengals in these next two weeks

10.) Steelers(9-5)(+1) This team is finally looking to be consistent now and Antonio Brown and Levon Bell are both really really good and that Steelers offensive attack is scary good. They look at the moment to be the AFC North favorites now.

9.) Eagles(9-5)(-1) The Eagles are really going down after looking soo good against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving day and now after that game the Eagles could possibly not make the playoffs now. Sanchez needs to find his rhythm again or else the Eagles could be watching the playoffs at home. For now the Eagles look like what should be a rebound game against the Redskins.

8.) Cardinals(11-3)(-2) Look they keep winning which is great but these are power rankings and with their quarterbacks getting injured the “next” man up saying for the Cardinals could be their doom in the end. Though again that defense is keeping in games but if the offense can’t score they will be just a one and done in the playoffs and that would be unfortunate for such a talented team who just needs Drew Stanton back.

7.) Cowboys(10-4)(+2) The Cowboys are finally getting rid of their December demons and the Tony Romo and Dez Bryant connection is working at the right time. The Cowboys look like a NFC East titke contender now and they can really win this. They have a tough game against the Colts coming up but they are more than capable of wining that game but keep in mind they are playing at home. For some reason the Cowboys stink at home but are magnificent away.

6.) Colts(10-4) (-1) Look they keep winning which is good but they narrowly win against teams they should be dominating against and that happened this week again against the Texans. The Colts won’t always win by the arm of Andrew Luck an that defense has been okay but what needs some help is the offensive line as these offense needs to score more points. Though for now the Colts are doing fine.

5.) Lions(10-4) (+1) Look the Lions defense is getting the job done but the offense needs to pick it up and it shown it is more than capable of picking it up and the team is in 1st place of the NFC and that to me warrants one move up and so far this team has been getting the job done and is just looking forward to the week 17 game against the Packers in which will surely make for a week 17 game to decide the NFC North title and a bye week in the playoffs.

4.) Packers(10-4)(-3) Aaron Rodgers actually did not look great for once and posted his worst QBR against the Bills and while the Packers looked invincible for a while now they are beaten against a good defense and that has been their kryptonite. This team is good but for now they need to win the Lions in week 17 and gain that crucial bye because i also think if the Packers don’t play at Lambeau in the playoffs they could be a one and done.

3.) Broncos(11-3) (0)- Peyton Manning and the Broncos got the job done against the Chargers but again for a second straight game Peyton Manning did not look as effective as he has this whole season and C.J Anderson was also not very effective this game. Though then again the Broncos just need to rest for the playoffs and not get too banged up but for now they rest at the #3 spot in these rankings.

2.) Seahawks(10-4)(+2) Albietsome questionable calls going in the way of the Seahawks they still looked pretty good and looked like last years Superbowl winning team and thats a good way to be looking heading into the playoffs. Though the offense could get a little spark but then again the defense is the main point of the team and it looks scary good right now.

1.) Patriots(11-3)(+1) They are back and looks like they never left being the best team in the league because they are and everything is clicking for this team. This team could use a little more help from their defense but its good and will be more effective going into the playoffs but right now they look unbeatable again and it showed when they blew out the Dolphins.