NFL fines Todd Bowles $25,000 for criticizing officials – (News)

NFL fines Todd Bowles $25,000 for criticizing officials –

Jets head coach Todd Bowles is expected to be fired after tomorrow’s season finale. His last paycheck will be a little light.

The NFL has fined Bowles $25,000 for criticizing officials, according to Rich Cimini of ESPN.

“I thought we were playing two teams. The Packers and the striped shirts,” Bowles said at his postgame press conference.

Bowles said immediately after making those comments that he was expecting to be fined.

The NFL did publicly admit one bad call that went against the Jets, a pass interference penalty that V.P. of Officiating Al Riveron used in his weekly video as an example of a flag that should not have been thrown. Bowles thought there was a lot more to it than one call.

Regardless, there’s a lot more to Bowles losing his job than one game. He was going to be fired whether the Jets won or lost against the Packers, and he will be fired whether he wins or loses tomorrow. Knowing that doesn’t make him any happier to be on the receiving end of some bad calls, or to lose some money for pointing out those bad calls.