NBA roundup : Pacers pick up critical win over Heat

Updated: March 27, 2014
NBA roundup : Pacers pick up critical win over Heat

There’s no doubt that the struggles have been disappointing for Pacers fans, but is it really something to be too terribly concerned about? Every team goes through a bit of a down period, and the Heat are going through it at this very time as well. The Oklahoma City Thunder and other premier NBA teams have experience the issues as well this season.

Quite frankly, this was a huge win for the Pacers to regain their confidence. There is no doubt that the team was fired up to play the Heat, and that the win motivated them and brought them together as a team. Perhaps that is all that the Pacers will need to get themselves back to playing the winning, scrappy basketball that helped them start the season so hot.

With the win, the Pacers were able to move to three games over the Heat in the race for the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. They have been working to get that seed throughout the course of the entire season, and it truly could be the difference maker in the series. Indiana is excited and ready to move on with the remainder of their schedule after that win. One thing to remember, the Pacers will play the Heat once again next week in Miami.

NBA Results:

Brooklyn Nets 111-116
Phoenix Suns 99-93 Washington Wizards
Toronto Raptors 99-90 Boston Celtics
Cleveland Cavaliers 97-96 Detroit Pistons
Atlanta Hawks 83-107 Minnesota Timberwolves
Los Angeles Clippers 96-98 New Orleans Pelicans
Miami Heat 83-84 Indiana Pacers
Denver Nuggets 103-108 San Antonio Spurs
New York Knicks 107-99 Sacramento Kings
Memphis Grizzlies 91-87 Utah Jazz