NBA latest to bail on VH1’s ‘Sorority Sisters’, Report

NBA latest to bail on VH1's 'Sorority Sisters', Report

The NBA has pulled its advertisement slot from VH1’s “Sorority Sisters,” a reality TV show that has been the target of protests and calls for boycotts.

Last week, VH1 said in a statement there were no plans to change the 10-episode series, and it “seems to be connecting with its audience.” About 1.3 million people watched the debut episode on Dec. 15.

T-Mobile was among the sponsors to refuse to advertise on “Sorority Sisters.” In a statement Dec. 18, the company said the program’s content does not meet its guidelines.

A spokeswoman for Hallmark said it also was not advertising on “Sorority Sisters” because of consumer reaction.

Lawrence Ross, who’s among the organizers of a boycott effort aimed at the show, said the goal is to get VH1 to drop the series.

The NBA forced the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers earlier this year after former owner Donald Sterling was recorded making racially charged remarks.