NBA 2K15 Dunking Video Shows First Sign of Game’s Development

Updated: March 15, 2014
NBA 2K15 Dunking Video Shows First Sign of Game's Development

Look, we all knew it was coming. The next-generation debut of the NBA 2K series was a smash hit – both critically and commercially. The unparalleled graphics, paired with a solid list of features, helped propel the 2K Sports game to the title of “next-gen showpiece,” and it looks like the team is already hard at work on this year’s iteration. A fresh Instagram post has been discovered on the official 2K account, showing some of the most impressive dunks you’ll ever see performed by players in motion-capture gear.

Few sports games boast animations quite as life-like as NBA 2K, and it’s interesting to actually get a behind-the-scenes look at how it’s all put together. We know very little about the game other than, well, that there are dunks, but you can expect the best-looking entry in the series to launch later this year thanks to the development team’s extended exposure to next-gen hardware.