Naya Rivera : ‘Glee’ Star Calls Showering Every Day a ‘White People Thing’

Naya Rivera : 'Glee' Star Calls Showering Every Day a 'White People Thing'

Naya Rivera got herself into a stinky situation this morning during her co hosting appearance on The View. The 28-year-old starlet who has Puerto Rican and African-American ancestry, raised several eyebrows when she shared her theory on the hygiene habits of different ethnic groups.

After moderator Nicolle Wallace shared that she showers three times a day (pre and post-show, and once before bed) the Glee star chimed in.

“I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnics,” she stated to giggles from moderator Wallace.

“I feel like showering more than once a day or every day is such a white people thing,” she added.

Rosie O’Donnell pointed to a shocked audience member, who nodded that she was hopped into the shower frequently but Naya defended her views.

“My mom is half black, half Puerto Rican. She showers every day so I can say this,” the Glee actress said.

“But I’m now married to a white man. And he showers a lot, like two, three times a day,” she claimed, talking about her husband Ryan Dorsey who she married secretly last year.

Referring to a recent study, the actress insisted that her cleanliness was actually the way forward.

“So the study says, a dermatologist says you are only supposed to shower once or twice every three days, so I’m right on the mark,” she said.

Following her shocking remarks on the show, Twitter users were quick to blast The View star for her comments.

“naya rivera really just say white people shower more than ethnic people, girl….don’t speak for us,” one user tweeted.

While another offended viewer added: “How does Naya Rivera know how often I shower?”

One outraged fan now wants to delete her from his Twitter feed, as he wrote: “According to @NayaRivera white people shower more than “ethnic” people. Gotta delete her from this page.”

Another added: “Naya Rivera just says the dumbest thing ever on #TheView She said, ” I believe ethnics don’t shower as frequently as white people.”

Since wrapping the show, Naya Rivera has responded to the negative tweets as she wrote: “When you get out of the shower today, get a sense of humor. Love ya!”