Nancy Grace sued : Accused ‘selfie stalker’ sues TV host Nancy Grace

Updated: November 12, 2014
Nancy Grace sued : Accused 'selfie stalker' sues TV host Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace Sued For Defamation By Falsely Accused ‘Selfie Stalker’, Denver police cleared Benjamin Seibert of a charge that he was stalking a woman after she found his picture on her cellphone, but television commentator Nancy Grace continued to air the picture, according to a defamation suit filed in Denver on Monday.

Police cleared Seibert — who was in California at the time — of any wrongdoing, but only after his picture had already been circulated by Denver Crime Stoppers.

Seiber’s attorney claims in the suit that Grace broadcast his photograph on her HLN show and website, and continued to do so after he was cleared.

Seibert has also sued Denver Crime Stoppers, who told KDVR in a statement that his suit was “misguided.”

“We don’t make the news. Any metro law enforcement agency has the ability to ask for assistance as was done here,” the agency said.