Muhammad Ali Health : Daughters say their father is “doing well”

Muhammad Ali Health
Muhammad Ali Health

Muhammad Ali’s daughters have said that his health is not in a near-fatal state, as reported among the international media.

The legendary boxer has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for 30 years, but is not bedridden or close to death, say his daughters, Maryum and Hana Ali. He is also able to communicate well, despite claims made by his brother, Rahman Ali, who said in October that the former sportsman was barely able to talk.

Muhammad Ali appeared frail when he attended the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics but Maryum and Hana say that despite his condition, he remains alert and active.

Maryum said that most stories come from people who don’t understand Parkinson’s, adding that Ali has never been on his deathbed. She claimed that her father has Parkinson’s, he has had it for 30 years and it is a progressive degenerative disease but added that he does well and is healthy outside the Parkinson’s.

Maryum also said that for some people it is so hard for them to see the old Ali and this Ali suffering with Parkinson’s but he is doing well. She said that he enjoys his life and he is clear-minded, adding that he doesn’t have dementia or Alzheimers and understands who one is.

Hana, who has been working with her sister and director Clare Lewins ahead of this week’s premiere of the ‘I am Ali’ movie says that she speaks to her father every morning when his speech is at its best.

Hana admitted that in the morning he is at his best and he is talking clear and low and one can hear every word. She added that it is too bad the world doesn’t get to see that.

Hana claimed that as the day goes on, Ali gets more exhausted but he is not in any physical pain and is exactly the same person inside.