MSNBC Cancels three Daytime Shows in Shift to News Coverage ‘Details’

MSNBC Cancels three Daytime Shows in Shift to News Coverage - Details

MSNBC Cancels The Cycle, Now with Alex Wagner, and The Ed Show.

“The Cycle,” co-hosted by Ari Melber, Toure, Abby Huntsman and Krystal Ball was canceled at 3 p.m.ET; “Now” with Alex Wagner is out at 4 p.m. ET; and “The Ed Show” with Ed Schultz is gone at 5 p.m. ET.

It’s not clear who will host at 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. but Todd is expected to anchor a 5 p.m. program similar to his former program “The Daily Rundown.” Alex Wagner and Ari Melber are expected to stay with the network.

Ed Schultz and Toure are departing the network and as TheWrap first reported, Krystal Ball and Abby Huntsman will also be leaving the network.

The changes bring MSNBC back to a lineup featuring traditional hard news during the day and opinion in primetime, a move that network Chairman Andrew Lack hopes will help it compete in breaking news with CNN and Fox News.

Other likely changes include “All In” with Chris Hayes at 8 p.m. being canceled after three years of low ratings. An insider told TheWrap Hayes’ show remains on the air as Andy Lack casts a wide net for a replacement.

Media analysts are already speculating about a return of Keith Olbermann to that time period, a notion once thought of as impossible in light of his messy 2011 exit from the network.

  • Sharky

    might be the smartest thing MSNBC ever did – cancelling the Ed show – what a moron

    • Twomey

      Bet you’re voting for Ben Carson.

  • Howard Mays

    Finally got tired of getting their clocks cleaned by offering nothing but partisan insane rhetoric delivered by insipid, toadies with no credibility? Bet they just polish the turd and make no real, meaningful changes. Gotta make room for the huge paycheck and equally massive ego of Brian Williams too. Wanna bet?

    • Twomey

      Another drooling FOX dead head…

  • bigreg8

    Now all they have to do is cancel Al. (The mouth) Sharpton.

  • Randy Thomas

    It’s about time they wised up! They are getting trounced by Fox 10 fold in all the ratings. Perhaps they finally realized that no one is watching their left wing, one sided, prognosticators!