MLB Turinabol suspensions: More steroid busts coming from Major League Baseball

Updated: May 5, 2016
MLB Turinabol suspensions: More steroid busts coming from MLB

Major League Baseball reportedly will be rocked by a new wave of drug suspensions for an old-school steroid that has become detectable by improved tests.

Turinabol, which was commonly used in East Germany in the 1970s, led to suspensions for Colabello and Daniel Stumpf of the Philadelphia Phillies. Testing for Turinabol has improved in recent years, leading to more positive tests.

It’s unclear when the most recent positive tests occurred or how many of the players in question are on major league rosters, according to Quinn. All players on 40-man rosters can appeal.

Chris Colabello, who hit 15 home runs with a .321 batting average for the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays, has denied intentionally taking a banned substance.

“I would never, have never and will never compromise the integrity of baseball. Ever. In my life,” Colabello said. “And whether that means taking a performance enhancing supplement—I just wouldn’t do it. I don’t do it. I haven’t done it. I won’t do it.”