MLB Power Rankings: “Blue Jays” take over the top spot

MLB Power Rankings: Blue Jays take over the top spot

MLB Power Rankings – 1. St. Louis Cardinals 89-54, 3-7 last 10, lead NL Central by 2 ½ games

The Cardinals’ commanding lead has slipped away. Their highly touted starting rotation has floundered lately and the offense has not had the ability to pick up the slack. Even with this run of bad play, they are still the favorites to win the World Series.

2. Toronto Blue Jays 82-61, 6-4 last 10, lead AL East by 3 ½ games

The offense of the Blue Jays’ shined in their previous series against the second-place New York Yankees. Scoring 30 runs in the four-game series, the Jays have distanced themselves and are in great shape to win the American League East.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates 86-56, 7-3 last 10, lead NL Wild Card by four games

The rest of the month of September might be the most important in the Pirates’ recent history. The offense has been firing on all cylinders, and with great pitching, the Pirates have become dangerous. Mark your calendars for a three-game series against the Cardinals at the end of September.

4. Kansas City Royals 84-58, 3-7 last 10, lead AL Central by 10 ½ games

The team we all thought won the trade deadline is showing that their big trade isn’t paying off. Johnny Cueto lost his fifth straight game, a career-worst, Sunday night to the struggling Orioles. The only bright spot for the Royals right now is that their magic number to clinch a playoff berth is 11 games.

5. Chicago Cubs 82-60, 7-3 last 10, lead second NL Wild Card by 7 ½ games

This has been the best season for the Cubs in recent history. They are on pace to win 95 games, the most they’ve won since 2008. With Cy Young hopeful Jake Arrieta and All-Star Anthony Rizzo, the Cubs are going to be a tough out in the postseason.

6. New York Mets 82-61, 8-2 last 10, lead NL East by 9 ½ games

With a three-game sweep of the Nationals, the Mets are in the driver’s seat for the National League East title. The question of Matt Harvey’s innings limit will linger over their heads until the playoffs begin. If Harvey isn’t his usual self, the offense will have to compensate for the loss.

7. Los Angeles Dodgers 82-60, 7-3 last 10, lead NL West by 7 ½ games

The Dodgers are preparing for the postseason as their lead over the Giants has grown to more than seven games. Many things are beginning to fall into place for the Dodgers, as well; Zack Greinke threw eight shutout innings this week, and Joc Pederson is hitting above .400 recents. Both are great signs for the Dodgers for the postseason.

8. New York Yankees 78-64, 7-3 last 10, lead AL Wild Card by three games

A string of injuries has put the Yankees’ postseason hopes on shaky soil. Mark Teixeira, who has 31 home runs, has a broken right leg. Nathan Eovaldi, 14 game-winner, is shut down with elbow swelling. It has been bad luck for the Yankees; they are going to need production from their veterans if they want to go far in the playoffs.

9. Houston Astros 77-66, 5-5 last 10, lead AL West by 1 ½ games

The clock is about to strike 12 on the Astros. Slowly, their play has been regressing and the only constant they have on their pitching staff is Dallas Keuchel. Otherwise, the Astros are inconsistent. Consistency will be key for the Astros moving forward.

10. Texas Rangers 75-67, 4-6 last 10, lead second AL Wild Card by one game

The Rangers have two series against the first-place Astros left in the season. If they win both series, then we could possibly see the Rangers winning the American League West. Cole Hamels and Derek Holland need to pitch well for the Rangers to come away with a playoff spot.