Missing teen dies snowboarding on Mount Washington

Updated: December 24, 2015
Missing teen dies snowboarding on Mount Washington

The search for a missing teen on Mount Washington has ended in tragedy.

Matt Brown is with the BC Coroner’s Service, which is trying to figure out exactly what happened.

“He was not out of bounds but it was an ungroomed area on the ski hill and it appears he may have gone down into a large hole of sort.”

Search and rescue crews had been searching for him since he was reported missing late yesterday afternoon.

“We’ve had initial contact with family and we’ll be making determinations as to next steps, what to do. The coroner is returning to the area with the police today to get a better sense of the scene in the daylight and how it may have been that he landed where he did.”

The boy’s family had been staying at the ski resort but there is no word yet on who he was or where he was from.

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