Mingdong Chen: ‘Brooklyn meat-cleaver’ killer sentenced to 125 years

Updated: October 21, 2015
Mingdong Chen: Brooklyn meat-cleaver killer sentenced to 125 years

Mingdong Chen, man who killed 5 relatives with meat cleaver, gets 125 years in prison.

Mingdong Chen confessed in Mandarin to killing his cousin’s 37-year-old wife, Qiao Zhen Li, and her four children aged one, five, seven and nine in Brooklyn, New York, in October 2013.

State Supreme Court Justice Vincent Del Giudice accepted a plea deal on October 7 under the condition Chen “be incarcerated until the day he dies”.

He was today sentenced to three terms of 25 years to life for murder and two terms of 25 years to life for manslaughter.

Brooklyn district attorney Ken Thompson said: “This defendant’s vicious and sadistic attack makes him completely unfit to remain in society, and he will now spend the rest of his life behind bars.”

Authorities said they believed 27-year-old Chen carried out the killing because he was envious of his relatives’ success and had been fired from restaurant jobs.

On the night of the killing, Li called her mother-in-law in China to say her family had been threatened with a knife.

The mother-in-law then called other relatives in Brooklyn to check on the family but by the time they arrived, all five victims were found with multiple wounds.

Prosecutors said it remained a mystery why Chen killed his family members.

Mr Thompson added: “While we will never know what drove him to commit these murders, I hope that this sentence will offer this grieving family some measure of comfort.”