Mike Tyson: ‘Ronda Rousey Could possibly Kick My Ass’ – Watch

Mike Tyson: 'Ronda Rousey Could possibly Kick My Ass' - Watch

Mike Tyson on Ronda Rousey: S–t, She Might Kick My Ass.

Tyson, 48, was known as ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ during his spell as one of boxing’s most destructive ever fighters and Rousey, who scored a 14-second knockout in her most recent title fight is now introduced as ‘The Baddest Woman on the Planet’.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Tyson was asked what he thought about Manny Pacquiao’s comments that Rousey would beat Floyd Mayweather.

“S***, Ronda Rousey might kick my ass,” Tyson replied. “That 14 seconds the last fight — s***, man, you got to take that seriously.”

Tyson who scored knockouts in 44 of his 50 career wins, added that he saw Rousey as more than just flashy.

“She’s marketed herself, and not necessarily from a publicist’s perspective,” Tyson said. “She put in the work, too. She’s putting these people to bed, she’s tapping them out, she’s doing the 14-second thing.”