Microsoft Band : The $199 all-platform fitness band

Microsoft Band : The $199 all-platform fitness band

Microsoft unveiled its first major wearable fitness device on Wednesday night, called “Microsoft Band.”

It also introduced a new health platform to go with its Band, appropriately called Microsoft Health.

The Band is Microsoft’s first foray into the wearable tech market with the wrist-worn device featuring 10 sensors which will monitor everything from steps counted, heart rate and calories burned to more unique measurements like its UV sensor to remind you when to put on suncream and a “galvanic skin response measurement” which will be able to let you know when you are feeling stressed.

While primarily focused on health and fitness tracking, the Microsoft Band also includes a number of smartwatch features, including getting alerts for in-coming calls, messages, social media updates and email.

The alerts are delivered on the 1.4in screen which has a resolution of 320×106 pixels. The Band features a tiny 100mAh battery which Microsoft says will give customers 48 hours of normal use. Charging is done through a magnetically attached charger and the band will come in three sizes so should fit most wrists.