Michelle Phillips: ‘So Embarrassed — and Mad’

Updated: October 26, 2014
Michelle Phillips: 'So Embarrassed -- and Mad'

Singer and actress Michelle Phillips says she’s “so embarrassed — and mad” about stepdaughter Mackenzie’s recent revelations about incest with her father, John Phillips — who was married to Michelle for eight years in the 1960s.

“Is this all true? We’ll never know, because she waited until John was dead….” she continued. “If you’re going to make these accusations and they don’t hurt anyone living, that’s one thing.

“But Mackenzie has affected the lives of all her nieces and nephews, who are not going to school today and are staying home sobbing instead,” Michelle continued.

“And the book has come out just at the time that Chynna [a onetime member of the group Wilson Phillips] has to go out on the road with her new album [of Christian music], Chynna and Vaughan,” Michelle added. “She said, ‘Mom, what am I gonna do — not promote my album?’ So she’s going out today, head held high.”