Michael Moreno, Victor Rojas: Texas football players say coach told them to hit unsuspecting ref

Michael Moreno, Victor Rojas : Teens accused of Attacking Ref Speak - Watch

Michael Moreno and Victor Rojas, the two high school players who targeted a referee during a high school football game in Texas, spoke out on Good Morning America on Friday and said their coach told them to “do it.”

The high schoolers involved in the play, Michael Moreno and Victor Rojas, regretted their actions and could not believe that one of their coaches told them that they should hit an official.

“I can’t explain it,” said Rojas. “I was doing what I was told. It was hard for me during the thing to actually do what I did. And to this day I regret it. It’s one of my biggest regrets and it’s been affecting my life greatly.”

Michael Moreno said similar things about their assistant coach.

“While on the sideline he pulled me and another player over and I quote ‘you need to hit him,’” he said. “You need to hit the ref, he needs to pay the price. Just for everything that was going on in the game, there were racial slurs being thrown at players from this referee. I guess his emotions just got mixed into it and he told us to do what we did.”

Both Rojas and Moreno were suspended by their football team and the official who was hit is considering pressing charges against the two high school students.

  • Kyles24

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  • deedee1662

    OH “the coach” told them to do it!?!? What a crock!! They just blindly follow what the “coach” told them to do without any thought as to the outcome? They need to have an MRI because they are obviously brain damaged!!

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    Total bull! These homies have no credibility and are just trying to save their own culos.

  • Art Dominguez

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  • I DO believe that they are lying and I also believe that someone put them up to this to lie. Even if the ref did say something,what right do they have to maliciously attack this guy?