Michael Brown Protests Nationwide : Ferguson Explodes in Protests After Officer Avoids Indictment

Michael Brown Protests Nationwide : Ferguson Explodes in Protests After Officer Avoids Indictment

Michael Brown – Protests Nationwide, Chaos erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, after a grand jury declined to indict a white police officer for the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager.

Officers were shot at and pelted with rocks and other objects, and as of 2.30am on Tuesday (1830 AEDT) 12 buildings were ablaze, said Chief Jon Belmar of the St Louis County police department.

He said he had counted 150 gun shots. But police did not return fire and no one on other side was killed. Twenty-nine demonstrators were arrested.

As the unrest continued into the night, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon called in additional National Guard forces to help restore order.

US President Barack Obama and the family of Michael Brown appealed in vain for calm after a prosecutor said a grand jury had found the policeman acted in self-defense in shooting the 18-year-old.

The death of Brown back in August sparked weeks of sometimes violent protests and a nationwide debate about forceful police tactics and race relations in America.

St Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch said Officer Darren Wilson had fired 12 times after getting into an ‘altercation’ with Brown, and that the jury had found no grounds to file charges.

As McCulloch rounded off his summary of the grand jury’s decision, Brown’s mother burst into tears and the crowd began to chant: ‘Hey, hey, ho, ho! These killer cops have got to go.’

Members of an angry crowd outside the police station where Wilson had been threw bottles and stones. A police car was set alight and nearby stores looted.

Two police cars burned so badly they essentially melted, Belmar said.

Riot officers responded with teargas, batons and flash grenades, and running battles broke out in the streets of the St Louis suburb, with armored cars moving slowly through the area.

Pat Bailey, a retiree from St Louis in her 60s, said she had expected the decision.

‘I’ve lived long enough to know that African Americans are not considered human beings,’ she said.

Protest marches began in several more US cities – including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and the capital Washington DC – but there were no immediate reports of unrest outside Missouri.

Obama made a rapidly-organized televised appearance to appeal for calm in the Midwestern town, echoing the sentiments of the dead teenager’s family.

‘Michael Brown’s parents have lost more than anyone. We should be honoring their wishes,’ Obama said.

‘I also appeal to the law enforcement officials in Ferguson and the region to show care and restraint in managing peaceful protests that may occur.’

McCulloch told reporters the evidence presented to the jury had shown Wilson had shot as a legitimate act of self-defense during a tussle that broke out as he was responding to a robbery.

He said the ‘altercation’ happened as Wilson was sitting in his patrol car and Brown was at the window.

Wilson testified to the jury that Brown leaned into the car and attacked him, grabbing his gun.

‘During the altercation, two shots were fired by Officer Wilson while still inside the vehicle,’ McCulloch said.

After these shots were fired, Wilson is said to have left the car to pursue Brown, who at some point turned on him. Ten shots were fired and the young man was killed, hit six times.

  • HMichaelH

    These stupid, ignorant, uncivilized, violent, law-breaking, criminal, hostile, infantile Negroes. If there might be some small pocket of Caucasian hatred toward the Negro, it must find it’s etiology in behavior such as this. And it clearly is warranted, since it is good to oppose stupid, ignorant, uncivilized, violent, law-breaking, criminal, hostile, infantile behavior. I am left wondering when will these Negroes begin to learn what is positive and good for them?

  • Rose Krueger

    Pat Bailey’s comment was uncalled for and sadly inaccurate. What she cannot face is the fact is Michael 1-broke the law, 2-he attacked an officer, 3-he charged a police officer. It’s easier to make asinine comments like: “I’ve lived long enough to know that African Americans are not considered human beings”. He was killed because he was stupid – period. It’s horrible and sad, but as I have told my kids for years you respect the police period. Michael is dead because of HIS actions and science, video, facts and evidence supported that, and that’s why the police officer was not guilty. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but when the facts are presented and the emotion removed – the truth comes out.

  • dockilldare

    i have the highest regard for everyone’s right to “peacefully assemble to petition government for a redress of greivences.” 1st amendement from the bill of rights.

    however no one has the right to destroy another person’s property. no one has the right to fire weapons into the air or at another person. what are these fools going to do when someone else returns fire on them, and i am not only referring to police or military? it is after all every person’s inherant right to self defense and defense of thier property. the perfect example were the Korean shop owners during the Rodney King riots, amazingly their shops were not looted by the mob, wonder why?

    but what really amazes me are all these people who go out and protest without hearing all the evidence. there was over 70 witnesses called, all kinds of forensic evidence, you know that csi stuff, and only the jurors heard it all. for example, people you can not get a powder burn from a discharging firearm, if you are 20 feet away from that firearm when it is discharged. even the mighty m107 barret 50 caliber sniper rifle will not cause a powder burn to an individual 20 feet away. but if you are 2 feet away and trying to grab a person’s weapon when that weapon goes off, you will get a powder burn. (fyi i was a combat medic for over 20 years so i do have some experience in the treatement of gun shot wounds.)

    with all that evidence yet to be released, don’t you all think we should sit back and wait to see what comes out? to me that only makes sense, wait for the facts of the case then make a decsion. to protest without that information makes you look like a dam fool. all of that information is public record, so it is very easily attainable with a foia request.

    unfortunetly the mistake the state made was to announce they had a verdict then wait to announce said verdict with specified times. that gave these people time to gather and rally for this violence. that decsion allowed for people to stir the pot of emotions, as well as allow for violent protestors to gather courage.

    you want to protest, by all means do so it is after all your god given and constitutionally protected right. but you do not have the right to destroy other people’s property or threaten their lives. this event was a terrible tragedy don’t make it worse by being stupid and violent.

  • יאנה שלום

    …what a shame we still define each other by color and we are loosing trust in judiciary system, very disappointed in officials contributing to color differences… feels like we step back decades instead of making a difference against discrimination…