Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss : Actress continues to shed weight, look incredible – Watch

Melissa McCarthy's weight loss : Actress continues to shed weight, look incredible - Watch
Melissa McCarthy's weight loss : Actress continues to shed weight, look incredible - Watch

Melissa McCarthy flaunts weight loss as she’s honoured on Walk Of Fame.

The 44-year-old looked gorgeous in a purple and white kimono-style dress that showed off her tiny waist, a result of her more than 50-pound weight loss.

“It was a little overwhelming, and I thought, ‘Just try to stay in it so you remember it, don’t get so overwhelmed,’ because I’m like — I don’t want to forget today, I don’t want to forget my mom, my kids, anybody that I get to see here watch this happen,” she said at the Walk of Fame ceremony. “I want to remember every second of it,

While Melissa McCarthy’s before and after photos show that she looks better than ever, not everyone felt that way. Last week, she revealed how she confronted a reporter who had mocked her weight in a review of her film Tammy. But when the two met up while she was promoting her movie St. Vincent, she made sure to let him know how she really felt.

“Aren’t you the one who wrote I was only a good actor when I looked more attractive and that my husband [Ben Falcone] should never be allowed to direct me because he allowed me to look so homely?” McCarthy recalled. “Would you say that to any guy? When John C. Reilly — or any actor — is playing a character that is depressed and dejected, would you say, ‘Well, you look terrible!?’”

During a Wednesday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Melissa McCarthy further explained what happened between her and the writer who criticized her before and after photos.

“I said, ‘You know, would you do that to a man?’” McCarthy remembered saying to the critic. “John C. Riley played a really broken down character and looked terrible.’ I said, ‘I put a lot of time and effort into having her completely not look like she cared about herself. That was part of how I felt she felt on the inside. Would you ever say that to a man?’And he goes, ‘Well, you really looked bad.’ And then I said, ‘I hope…do you have children?’ And he said, ‘I do.’ And I said, ‘I hope you don’t have a daughter.’”

McCarthy clarified that she didn’t intend to be mean to the critic. In fact, she noted that he was actually a nice man. So when he revealed that he had both a son and a daughter, she decided to give him advice for writing about a woman’s weight in the future.

“When I said, ‘If she comes home and someone says you can’t have a job because you’re unattractive,’ are you gonna say, ‘That’s right?’” McCarthy continued. “And he took that in his heart and he was like, ‘No, I would never want that to happen. I would never in a million years want that to happen.’”

She continued: “And I said, ‘Just know every time you write stuff, every young girl in this country reads that and they just get a little bit chipped away.’ I just think that we tear down women in this country for all these superficial reasons, and women are so great and strong, and I think he really heard that.”

It’s no wonder Melissa McCarthy is starting a plus-size clothing line to help women feel better about themselves. And her Walk of Fame star further proves that she is changing the standard for beauty in Hollywood.