Melissa McCarthy “Weight Loss Secret” : Actress has stopped worrying about her weight

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Secret : Actress has stopped worrying about her weight

Melissa McCarthy reveals her surprising weight loss secrets.

The Spy actress’ before and after photos reveal how amazing she looks after dropping an estimated 40 pounds. So how did she do it?

Melissa McCarthy was asked about her new look during an appearance on CBS This Morning. And while she originally joked that she was “crying off the pounds,” she later revealed a somewhat surprising secret to her weight loss success.

“I feel amazing and I finally said, ‘Oh, for God sakes, stop worrying about it,’ and it may be the best thing I’ve ever done,” she responded.

When pressed for more information on her weight loss, Melissa McCarthy insisted her gorgeous before and after photos were simply the result of her decision to stop obsessing about her body.

“I truly stopped worrying about it,” Melissa McCarthy continued. “I stopped over-analyzing, over-thinking, over-doing anything. I kinda went back to when I was pregnant and I just stopped constantly being worried about it, and I think there’s something to kinda loosening up and not being so nervous and rigid about it that, bizarrely, has worked. I could’ve figured that out before 44, but whatever.”

Indeed, Melissa McCarthy has maintained a healthy attitude about weight loss, even as her before and after photos continued to shock fans. She’s even making sure women of all sizes feel good about themselves by starting a plus-size clothing line.

“People don’t stop at size 12,” Melissa McCarthy said last month. “I feel like there’s a big thing missing where you can’t dress to your mood above a certain number. [Malls] segregate plus-size. It’s an odd thing that you can’t go shopping with your friends because your store is upstairs hidden by the tire section. We’ll put you gals over there because we don’t want to see you and you probably don’t want to be seen.’”

  • It really is so easy to lose weight when you’re her size. It’s when you’re down to the last little bit that it gets much more difficult. Losing weight is freaking hard as can be, especially with so much information out there on the right way or wrong way to lose fat. Foods we can’t eat, exercises we gotta do, it’s enough to drive somebody crazy.
    It ain’t just about eating less and moving more or counting calories and weighing all your food. Sure, that stuff works for a little bit but it only gets you so far and then once you stop that diet you just gain it all back (and usually extra weight!). My hubby lost 70 lbs and I lost right at 45 lbs doing a few different diets (my hubby blogged about it @, then my body just decided that I’m supposed to weigh 130 and I’m okay with that, given my height and all. It’s all about a life change. Starving yourself, doing cardio till you drop and popping diet pills don’t work and it never will.

    • Mario Manuel

      Your ignorant response was even more reason for me to NOT click on the link you provided. You should do more research into actual weight loss techniques.

  • rockamama

    Not only is she a beautiful person, but she’s had to constantly battle the cruel comments thrown her way because of her celebrity status. What an amazing person!