McDonald’s employee praised after a “customer” captured his act of kindness – Details

McDonald's employee praised for helping elderly disabled man cut, eat food
McDonald's employee praised for helping elderly disabled man cut, eat food

A McDonald’s employee has been praised after he closed his register in the middle of rush hour in order to help a disabled man eat his food.

A photograph of him helping the wheelchair-bound man to cut up his food has gone viral on Facebook. It had received more than 340,000 shares by today after it was posted by Destiny Carreno last Thursday.

Sharing the poignant image, she said she witnessed Kenny assisting the man after he approached him during the evening rush hour.

Describing the incredible moment, she said: “Seeing this today brought tears to my eyes! Compassion has NOT gone out of style.

“Today I made a quick stop at McDonald’s after work. As I waited in line to order, an elderly handicapped gentleman wheeled himself over to the cashier in front of me.

“The man politely tried to ask the cashier something and it took him a few tries before either of us could understand he was saying “Help me please”. Neither of us knew what help he needed, and the cashier suggested a few things before he figured out the gentleman needed help cutting and eating his meal.

“To be honest, I thought the cashier wasn’t going to help, especially during rush hour in downtown Chicago, but to my shock, he shut down his register and disappeared from view….

“Not to get away from helping him, but to wash his hands and put gloves on! I had to stick around and see how this would play out, especially since it hit me so close to home with my own uncle.

“The cashier came out from the kitchen, sat down, and began cutting the man’s meal and helped him eat.”

She continued: “At that point, the tears started to gather in my eyes. My heart was so appreciative for what he did. I couldn’t contain my emotions in the crowded restaurant.

“This employee, who put everything on hold for this man, went above and beyond his responsibilties to help this handicapped customer out. That was the kindest and most humble thing I had ever seen.”

Restaurant owner Rod Lubeznik told NBC Chicago that Kenny would be recognised for his heroic act in an awards ceremony next week.

He said: “It’s a true testament to who Kenny is, and a reminder to us all that one seemingly small act of kindness can touch the hearts of so many.”