Matthew Shane Wester, Amy Nicole Cox : teacher marries student after sexual relationship indictment “Details”

teacher marries student after sexual relationship indictment - Details

Matthew Shane Wester, 37, married Amy Nicole Cox, 18, on Saturday in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

A Blount County high school teacher, who was previously indicted on charges of having an inappropriate relationship with a female student, married that same student over the weekend.

According to public records Matthew Shane Wester, 37, married Amy Nicole Cox, 18, in Gulf Shores on Saturday.

Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey found out about the marriage over the weekend.

“The charges currently pending against Mr. Wester stem from an investigation of his relationship with the victim while she was a student and he was a teacher,” she told the website. “Now that the legal status of their relationship has changed, we will have to look at our case to determine how we will proceed.”

According to Alabama law, Wester’s new teenage bride can testify either for or against him, but she cannot be forced to testify.

Matthew Shane Wester taught geometry and algebra at the Blount County school, where he was also assistant varsity football coach and head track coach. He was put on paid leave in November and eventually resigned from his position as at Cleveland High School.

Matthew Shane Wester was married when the investigation began, reported. He and his wife divorced in April and his ex-wife was granted custody of their child.

  • Kai Thorsen

    I had a high school teacher who had an “inappropriate relationship” with an 18 year old student. She quit her teaching job, he graduated, they got married, started their own business, and have been together happily for 45 years. In general, teachers and students shouldn’t get intimate, but that doesn’t mean that NO such relationship ever equals true and lasting love.

  • Melinda

    FLDS men marry girls way younger than 18….where is the story about that?


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  • Rat’ Party

    But the apologist leftist joke known as the mainstream media says nothing about the treatment of young girls in the muslim world. Go figure.