Matthew Lewis : ‘Harry Potter’ Star Strips Down for Attitude Magazine – Watch

Matthew Lewis : 'Harry Potter' Star Strips Down for Attitude Magazine - Watch

Matthew Lewis bares it all for Attitude Magazine. While the internet is busy losing its collective mind, however, J.K. Rowling just wants him to put some clothes on.

Matthew Lewis has stripped down to just his Emporio Armanis to unveil his ripped new physique for his role as a personal trainer for romantic comedy Me Before You, also starring Clarke.

“I’ve never considered myself to be good-looking at all. Just average,” Lewis told Attitude magazine.

Speaking about getting into shape for Me Before You, he explained: “My character, Patrick, is a triathlete and personal trainer, so he’s totally focused on the race that he’s going to be running.

“I spoke to the director [Thea Sharrock] and I said it’d be nice to get into the mindset of someone like that, because he’s not drinking alcohol, he’s just eating salads all the time

“And I was very interested to know where you go to in your mind to have that level of commitment. So I sort of gave up alcohol – I say sort of, I have given up alcohol.”

On weighing up whether to wax his leg hair for his role, Lewis revealed: “Apparently triathletes shave their legs for added aerodynamics, to buy you that extra couple of milliseconds.

“And my character, that is what he would do, so I think I’ll be losing the leg hair! I haven’t waxed before.

“I was quite keen just to shave every day, but it was Emilia’s idea. She was like, ‘No, just wax it! Then you’ll only have to do it once!’ I was like ‘Argh!’ I haven’t done it yet, but we’ll see.”

When the Bluestone 42 star was complimented on his sparkling white set of teeth during the interview, he replied: “Whenever I go back to Leeds or see people I went to school with, they always talk about my veneers. I’m like, ‘I haven’t got veneers, these are my actual teeth!’

On feeling confident as he reached his twenties, he added: “I had these braces for six months, and then it was kind of a weird thing, I was excited I guess to go on the red carpet on the release of the last [Harry Potter] film and be me, and not to have to have the fat suit under my t-shirt.

“It was quite an exciting buzz. I was 21, I was like, ‘Yeah, this’ll be cool!’ It was never meant to be a ‘hey everyone, look at me’ [moment], but it was nice to be able to go and be myself. And then obviously a lot of attention focused on it, which I didn’t expect at all.”

Lewis joins Downton Abbey’s Brendan Coyle in the movie adaptation of the Jojo Moyes novel.

Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman, Charles Dance, Stephen Peacocke and Janet McTeer have also signed on for Me Before You, which opens in cinemas next year.