Matt Damon’s Characters Are Real Expensive To Keep Saving – Details

Updated: December 29, 2015
Matt Damon's Characters Are Real Expensive To Keep Saving - Details

Matt Damon has required a whole lot of saving over the course of his film career, thanks to his starring roles in films like The Martian, Interstellar and Elysium. In fact, more than $900 billion would be required to rescue all of Damon’s fictional characters.

A Quora user posed the question “how much money has been spent attempting to bring Matt Damon back from distant places?” and fellow user Kynan Eng gave a wonderfully detailed answer.

First looking at movie budgets for the likes of Interstellar, The Martian, Elysium and Saving Private Ryan, Eng calculated that it’s cost $729m. Pretty bad already, but nowhere near as stark as the fictional costs.

Building the Interstellar spaceship would have set the US government back $500bn, the Mars mission would have cost $200bn and the space station security deployment and damages in Elysium were priced at $100m.

Add all of them up and you get $900bn (“plus change” according to Eng) meaning that making the Damon movies where he needs to be saved cost about 0.1% of the ‘real’ cost to actually send him there and bring him back.

Eng had updated his answer back in October, but it’s become big again. Maybe the Internet knows something that we don’t…

Has anyone seen Damon lately?

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