Marshawn Lynch dances with Steven Hauschka – Watch

Updated: November 11, 2014
Marshawn Lynch dances with Steven Hauschka - Watch

Steven Hauschka apparently wanted no part of NFL boogie town. Marshawn Lynch had other plans though, as he gave his kicker no choice but to partake in a dance following the Seahawks win over the New York Giants on Sunday.

Marshawn Lynch, long known to be an introvert and moody around the media, seemed to have no problem coming out of his shell when he thought there weren’t cameras on him. In fact, he got so “jiggy with it” that he wanted Seahwaks kicker Steven Hauschka to join in the merriment.

And when Hauschka proved reluctant, Marshawn Lynch said, “Join in the merriment now, KICKER,” or something to that effect as he tossed Hauschka to and fro, all the live long day.

Here’s the video that has Marshawn Lynch dancing and tossing the kicker around: