Marshall Henderson : Former Ole Miss star Now Playing in Iraq

Marshall Henderson : Former Ole Miss star Now Playing in Iraq

Marshall Henderson has continued his career in Iraq after failing to generate interest from NBA teams, reports Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports.

Henderson plays for Baghdad-based Nift Al-Janoub in the Iraqi Super League and gave Yahoo some eye-opening insight on what it’s like as an American in that area of the globe:

“It’s not as bad as people make it seem back home,” Henderson told Yahoo Sports in a Skype audio interview last week. “We just chill in the hotel. We don’t go anywhere. We could go places and it would be safe. We wouldn’t be worried about getting captured or anything. It’s definitely better than I would’ve expected.

“I was talking to the Americans [on Al Shurtah] and they had to switch hotels because a car bomb went off and blew up half of their hotel,” Henderson said. “They showed me pictures. It was crazy that they were telling me the story so calm. That would have freaked me out a little bit. The picture the guy showed me, the room right across from his room was destroyed.”

The Middle East is quite a landing spot for Henderson, who prior to playing in Iraq was in Qatar. He told Spears he’s been staying away from drugs and alcohol though, so clearly something has clicked.

“The real test is going to be going home with thousands of dollars,” Henderson told Yahoo. “What am I going to do with that? I will be excited to see what I do when I get home and whom I’m going to surround myself with.”