Manny Pacquiao’s shoulder near 100 percent, training to start late 2015

Updated: October 13, 2015
Manny Pacquiao's shoulder near 100 percent, training to start late 2015

Manny Pacquiao announced in New York Monday that he was “80 to 90 percent healed” from a shoulder operation and expected to return to training within weeks.

The 36-year-old acknowledged that Amir Khan was a possible opponent, but said no decision had been made as he targeted November or December for a return to training.

Pacquiao had surgery on his right shoulder four days after he lost by unanimous decision to Floyd Mayweather Jr in boxing’s richest-ever fight in May.

Mayweather has since retired from the sport though Pacquiao believes that in boxing, those vows do not always hold up.

He said: “If you ask me, of course, I want a rematch. I heard that he retired already. If he really retired, then there’s no rematch. But if not…

Pacquiao injured his shoulder three weeks before the fight and later claimed he aggravated it in the fourth round, when he landed some of his best punches of the night against Mayweather.

“He kept moving around and didn’t want to fight toe-to-toe with me, exchanging punches,” Pacquiao said.

Asked if he could change that in a rematch, Pacquiao said, “I think so, especially [after] I fixed my shoulder.”