Mandy Lingard Drone : Topless sunbather photographed by estate agent drone

Mandy Lingard Drone : Topless sunbather photographed by estate agent drone

Mandy Lingard Drone: Snaps Of G-String Granny Accidentally, An Australian grandma was left “humiliated” after a real estate agent’s drone snapped her sunbathing topless in her own backyard — and the image was then plastered across a billboard.

The Herald Sun report that, several weeks ago, Mandy Lingard was sunbathing topless in the backyard of her Morning Peninsula property when she heard an “odd noise”, and saw what she assumed to be a child’s toy, but was actually a drone, taking an aerial photograph of a neighbouring beachfront property for sale.

She didn’t think much of the incident, because #kidstoday, but a few weeks later, realised what had happened when she saw what was very clearly her own image plastered on a ‘For Sale’ sign next door. “Luckily I was face down at the time,” she said of the ensuing photo, which also allegedly appeared online and in a real estate magazine.

Though the billboard has been taken down, Lingard remains upset. “I’m really embarrassed,” she said. “My son has noticed it and he’s embarrassed that his mum is there. Friends have commented and made jokes.”

The incident raises broader questions in relation to privacy. Lingard has said she believes real estate agents should be obliged to inform residents when they film a neighbouring property with drones, although a representative of Eview Real Estate, who took the picture, argued that Google invade people’s privacy with Street View “every day”, so TBQH what’s the big deal?

Earlier this year, the House of Representatives released a report called ‘Eyes In The Sky’. inquiring into the air safety and privacy implications of drone technology as it becomes more commonly used, and calling for tougher legislation.

Since every Pedestrian article is required by law to relate back to either fast food or Kim Kardashian, we must therefore inform you that earlier this year, a Russian pizza restaurant claimed to be the first in the world to offer pizza delivery by drone. If we can get Maccas home delivered here in Australia, this technology can’t be far off.