Man Loses 180 Pounds in Order to Join the Army – Picture

Updated: May 26, 2015
Man Loses 180 Pounds in Order to Join the Army - Picture

Man loses 180 pounds to join Army? 20-year-old Jesse Milbrat lost 150 pounds in just eight months – 200 in total; he did with hopes of joining the army.

“Why — to follow in my dad’s footsteps,” said Milbrat. “He was an Army ranger and also, I’ve always wanted to defend my country.”

Milbrat put in a lot of hard work and while he’s now fit hie still pushes himself every day.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever struggled with weight or being heavy or not, but it’s a struggle every day.”

Army officials say they’re impressed with Milbrat’s dedication.

“Sometimes you have to do hard work to get in and become a soldier and not everybody wants to put in that work,” said Staff Sergeant Jeoffrey Errebo. “He put in an immense amount of work — a lot more dedication than a lot would have and it’s very impressive.”

And it all paid off.

“Yeah, I’m here,” Milbrat says, “and it feels amazing to accomplish what I wanted to do. So I signed the 28th.”

Milbrat starts basic training in Georgia on May 26th.

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