Man Jumps Out of Plane While on Skype With Parents “Watch”

Updated: December 10, 2015
Man Jumps Out of Plane While on Skype With Parents - Watch

Skype-diving! Irish man video calls his parents as he jumps out of a plane in Australia.

Roger Ryan, from Ireland, took his parents for a ride when he skyped them just before jumping out of the airplane.

Their conversation was taped, and has since been picked up by news outlets around the world.

“I’m going to jump out of an airplane now. So I’ll talk to you in a second,” Ryan said to his parents over Skype, shouting to be heard above the din of the airplane.

At first, his mom, Mary, and dad, Pat, had no clue what was going on.

“Is he in an airplane or what?” asked his befuddled dad.

“Oh no! He’s jumping out of an airplane!” said his mom once she had caught on.

“F—k off!” his dad said.

“Oh no! Good God! Ahh! Holy Sh–!” Mary cursed.

Ryan was staying in Syndey, Australia, when he was approached by hostel-booking site Hostelworld to see if he would like to take part in this skydiving-parental experiment.

As ridiculous as it is to watch Ryan’s full beard waft in the wind as he plummets to the ground, his parents’ fantastic, foul-mouthed reaction steals the show.

“You eejit! He’s doing a selfie coming down in the f—ing airplane!” cussed Pat.

“I would not have thought that was f—ing possible.”

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