Malnourished Indiana teen locked in room, living in feces – Watch

Updated: December 4, 2014
Malnourished Indiana teen locked in room, living in feces - Watch

Malnourished Indiana Teen Found In Padlocked Room May Not Survive, A 15-year-old Indiana girl so malnourished that she weighed just 35 pounds when she was hospitalized Monday remains in critical condition with life-threatening injuries, police said.

“If you see the pictures of the victim, it’s very disturbing,” Detective Joel Sandefur, Anderson Police Department, said to WTHI-TV. “We wouldn’t accept treatment of an animal this way, let alone a human being, let alone someone that’s 15 years of age.”

Steve Sells blamed his granddaughters condition on a “chromosome problem in her brain which caused her disorder,” adding that a recent fall worsened her condition.

“Fifteen-year-old girl that weighs less than 40 pounds, that’s hard for us to believe that this is because of a medical condition,” Det. Sandefur said to WTHI-TV.

Apparently Sells decided to lock his granddaughter, who he gained custody over when her biological mother (Sells’ daughter) abandoned the teen, to “protect himself” from her, according to court documents. Sells, who told police he weighs over 200 pounds, felt threatened by his teenaged granddaughter because she is strong and has came at him with a knife in the past.

The teenager was fed Boost, which was paid for by Medicaid, but Sells stopped feeding it to her last year when the Medicaid ran out, according to court documents. This hospital visit where she was discovered severely underweight was her first doctors visit since July 2012.

Sells, who was charged with neglect, will be arraigned on Friday. There is no set date yet for his wife, but after questioning by police she was arrested on neglect and battery charges.