Malachi Bradley : Missing Utah boy found after 28 hours in Uinta Mountains – Watch

Malachi Bradley : Missing Utah boy found after 28 hours in Uinta Mountains

Malachi Bradley, the 10-year-old boy found Monday afternoon after a night in Uintah County’s Ashley National Forest, told rescuers he had survived his rugged night in the remote area by curling up between rocks, still retaining some of the day’s heat, as temperatures dipped to below 40 degrees.

Malachi Bradley disappeared on Sunday while hiking with his family near the Wyoming border.

A search and rescue helicopter spotted the boy more than 24 hours later in a remote area about 200 miles east of Salt Lake City.

Video showed Malachi, who appeared to be shoeless, being reunited with his family after he was carried off the chopper.

The boy appeared to be unshaken by the ordeal, even telling family members “it was actually really fun”.

“I hiked like literally 30 miles,” he said.

Asked by a reporter if he had been scared, Malachi replied: “Not really. I just really wanted to get back.”

Authorities had been worried a sudden dip in temperature overnight could put the boy at risk of hypothermia.

The National Weather Service recorded temperatures in the upper 30s Fahrenheit (near 0C) in the area overnight.

Malachi said he slept under the shelter of a rock and used his coat to stay warm.

Kevin Bardsley, whose 12-year-old son has never been found after he vanished in the region in 2004, said it is easy to get lost in the area, and sudden changes in weather can be dangerous.

He said: “It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

“I’ve had grown men sit down for lunch, stand up and say they knew which way they were going to the car, looked down at the GPS and realised they would have been going completely the wrong direction.”