The Majesty runs aground in boston harbor “Details”

The Majesty runs aground in boston harbor
The Majesty runs aground in boston harbor

The Boston Harbor Cruises’ Majesty ran aground in Boston Harbor on Saturday. All 137 passengers were unharmed and transferred to the Asteria, according to authorities, and the incident is under investigation.

The “Majesty,” a Boston Harbor Cruises vessel, was not damaged. The Coast Guard says it is simply stuck.

“It’s been a hell of a day,” said Jason Stern, the groom-to-be who was celebrating a pre-wedding party on the boat.

Stern’s 3-hour chartered cruise turned into a 7-hour ordeal.

None of the crew or 137 passengers were hurt, and they will be transferred to another vessel to return to shore. According to the Coast Guard, the plan is to use the tide to free the Majesty.

The Massachusetts Environmental Police tweeted a photo of evacuated passengers aboard a ship named “Thomas Paine,” with the “Majesty” in the background.

A Coast Guard ship is in the area, warning other vessels to steer clear of that part of the harbor.

Massachusetts State Police are also assisting.