Mac : ‘Shellshock’ internet bug has potential to wreak havoc

Updated: September 28, 2014
Mac : 'Shellshock' internet bug has potential to wreak havoc

Local technology experts have warned a new computer virus called “Shellshock”, which allows someone else control over your electronics without any permission, is doing the rounds.
The virus is said to be threatening the internet’s backbone.

The vulnerabilities affect machines running Linux, BSD, and Unix distributions, including Mac OS X. Apple said in a statement to AFP on Friday that OS X is safe by default unless users have configured advanced Unix services. The company said it’s working on a patch for those users.

Bash is not native to Windows, but Cygwin, a Windows version of Bash, is vulnerable. Beyond that, Shellshock has the potential to affect anyone visiting a website hosted on a vulnerable server — if the server has been compromised via Shellshock, it could deliver other malware.