Luke Butkus says Uncle Dick is happy for him working in Green Bay – (News)

Luke Butkus says Uncle Dick is happy for him working in Green Bay –

Butkus as a Packer? It just sounds wrong.

But Luke Butkus, the Packers’ new assistant offensive line coach and the nephew of Bears great Dick Butkus, says his Uncle Dick has no problem with Luke’s new employer.

“He was excited for me,” Luke Butkus said, via ESPN. “He was excited for the opportunity that I have to be a part of this, being back in the NFL. I think that’s first and foremost. When it comes to that, we make sure we take care of our family. It will be interesting when we play in Chicago and how that will be, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get here, but it’s just an exciting time. We made sure that we’re going to send him all the Green Bay Packers gear, too. He was happy for us as a family, the whole family. Not just me but my wife and three young boys and my father and my brothers and sisters. We travel strong, so we’re going to make sure that I get a lot of Green Bay gear for them. I know they’ll have that Chicago Bear gear, too, but those two times a year they better know what to wear.”

With the Packers and Bears slated to open the NFL’s 100th season against each other, Dick Butkus donning Packers apparel would surely be a bridge too far. But even if Dick is rooting for Luke to lose when the Packers are in Chicago, he’s happy to see his nephew advance in his career.