Lottery ‘winner’ who was given $75 instead of $75000 was undercover inspector – Watch

Lottery 'winner' who was given $75 instead of $75000 was undercover inspector - Watch

A California gas station is being investigated after a lottery ticket worth $75,000 was paid out for just $75, and the “winner” was actually an undercover state inspector.

KTLA reports that the gas station released surveillance footage of the supposed winner on Sunday so they could identify the man and give him the correct prize.

Little did the station know, the video actually shows an undercover investigator from the California Lottery inspecting the premises. The footage shows a man in a brown T-shirt and baseball cap waiting as the cashier examines the ticket and hands over the winnings, KTLA says. The interaction, which lasts a few minutes, happened on March 25 at a Chevron station.

Earlier reports believe the incident was an “honest mistake,” Yahoo! News reports. Russell Lopez, a spokesman for the lottery, thought it was all a misunderstanding.

“It could be human error, it could be the wrong video, the wrong photo, it could be a lot of things,” he says. “In our business we have seen it all.” But because the station kept the ticket, Lopez says it was mishandled. California lottery officials are now investigating the case.

The station manager Shamsun Islam says the clerk realized his mistake after the apparent ticket-holder left, saying he “feels so bad” about the incident.

Lopez says officials are still determining if authorities were notified about the ticket and fraud was committed, KTLA adds.