Lombardy Elementary ‘Hurt Feelings Report’ Emailed To Parents – Details

Lombardy Elementary 'Hurt Feelings Report' Emailed To Parents

Lombardy Elementary School Accidentally Sends ‘Hurt Feelings Report’ to Parents.

A school in Delaware will literally give you something to cry about — instead of sending parents a weekly newsletter, Lombardy Elementary School mistakenly emailed a snarky “Hurt Feelings Report.” And, ironically, it hurt a lot of recipients’ feelings.

The form asks condescending questions like “which ear were the hurtful words spoken into?” and “has this resulted in traumatic brain injury?” and contains students’ details check boxes like “Whiner’s name” and “date the feelings were hurt.” The box also has a highly derogatory section titles “Reasons for Filing the Report” which include comments like “I am a crybaby” and “I was not requested a tissue.”

Variations of such forms have circulated the Internet for years.

The parents who received the email were understandably shocked by the incident and deem it as “offensive” and something that promotes bullying of students at school.

The Lombardy Elementary School has since then apologized for the slip-up. A Brandywine School District spokeswoman Alexis Andrianopoulos explained Wednesday a staff member, whom she refused to name, has accidently swapped the activity report with the offensive meme in the email the school uses to communicate with parents. She said the mocking form came from a source “external to the school” and added it was not an official document of the school.

“This was an embarrassing mistake, but it was just that — a mistake,” Andrianopoulos said in an email. “It should not have happened, and we apologize for the error.”

Schools all over the states have taken measures to decrease bullying over the past years and the Obama administration held the first White House Conference on Bullying Prevention in 2011.

In 2012, new bills were approved that placed more responsibilities on schools for fighting cyberbullying and strengthened steps for reporting bullying incidences.

Anna Mendez, executive director of the San Clemente’s National Association of People Against Bullying, said the school should take the email seriously and consider anti-bullying counseling and education in light of the offensive document.

  • Billye Raye Smith

    Personally, I think the whole thing is funny. The form, itself, is hilarious. The idea that it was “accidentally” emailed to parents is hilarious. And the idea that parents would be upset, hurt, and angry is hilarious…..but expected in today’s world of the “nouveau PC”. Parents…..YOUR KIDS ARE WHINERS !!!! Get over it. I’ve talked to so many teachers throughout the years who are so sick of your precious little jewels being held up beyond scrutiny or reproach, as if the idea of childhood never existed before your little brats came along. Again, I think the whole thing is FUNNY !!!!!

    • rich

      You obviously don’t care about the feelings of your little one, if you even have one. If that would have happened to me and my child someone would have had hurt feelings alright and perhaps something else a bit sore. If they ‘accidently’ sent that home how many more of those forms are NOT sent by those jackasses at the school?! That sucks!!

      • Billye Raye Smith

        I don’t have to care…….you care enough for the entire planet….and you wear it on your sleeve. If you don’t see the humor in the entire thing, I feel sorry for you. Many, many years ago I was a paramedic for the Air Force. An ambulance brought in a 4 yo drowning victim with no pulse/no respiration s. We went right to work, but we all knew, after 5 minutes, it was pretty hopeless. One of the techs mentioned we use the DISCO CPR movements and the laughter that resulted was just enough to give us that second wind. We revived the child. Humor has its place, even in the grimmest of circumstances involving children. Again, get over it.