Lions knock out Aaron Rodgers, blow out Packers – (News)

Lions knock out Aaron Rodgers, blow out Packers –

It was an ugly season for both the Lions and the Packers, but the ending was particularly ugly in Green Bay today. For the Packers, anyway.

Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion early in the game and the Packers got blown out by the Lions 31-0.

Questions will be raised in Green Bay about whether Rodgers should have been playing at all. He insisted that he wanted to, but there was some sentiment that it just wasn’t worth risking him, especially when the Packers had injuries on their offensive line.

As for the Lions, today’s win doesn’t change the fact that Matt Patricia had an ugly first year as head coach. In fact, the win may even raise some questions about why the Lions couldn’t have played like this all season: The offense was opened up for downfield passing, and Matthew Stafford looked better than he has most of the year. You can argue that it’s a positive sign to win in Week 17, but you can also ask why the Lions spent so much of the season running a short-passing offense that doesn’t play to Stafford’s strengths.

Both of these teams are long since out of playoff contention, but the Lions can take some solace in the fact that they’ve dominated the Packers recently. Over the last two years the Lions are 4-0 against the Packers and have outscored them 127-51. Now the Lions will see if next year, they can win some games that actually count.