Lindsay Lohan Cryotherapy: Actress Wears Skimpy Bikini for Cryotherapy in Freezing Cold Chamber ‘Picture’

Lindsay Lohan 'Cryotherapy': Actress Wears Skimpy Bikini for Cryotherapy in Freezing Cold Chamber - Picture

Lindsay Lohan is undergoing cryotherapy to treat joint pain stemming from a mosquito-born virus she contracted during an exotic vacation last year.

Lindsay Lohan appeared in bikini though the temperature in the cryo chamber was around -110 degree Celsius. The 28-year-old actress wore a skimpy one-piece bikini which almost looked like two-piece bikini as it didn’t fully cover her abdomen. She also wore white giant gloves, mask and headband. She appeared with a friend in the cryo chamber in one of the pictures. A caption for the picture read, “CryoYourMind #ZimmerIceLab I’m at it again!!”

Another picture showed the “Rumors” songtress uncovering her mask and laughing at her friend. On the other hand, her friend appeared shivering as it was apparently her first time doing the therapy. She captioned it, “Crying laughing omg #ZimmerIceLab @brittanymbyrd #virgin2Cryotherapy hahahaha.”

Lindsay Lohan appeared to have done this therapy several times. Back in April, she posted on Instagram a picture of her in black-and-white bikini going for cryotherapy with three friends. She captioned it, “Happy Easter! freezing our way into spring chickens! #zimmerIceLab -110 celsius & -230 Fahrenheit.”

Last month, the actress of “The Canyons” posted a picture of her bathtub filled with plenty of ice cubes. She took a bath with the cold water to let her body get accustomed to the low temperature because on the following day she would go for the cryotherapy. “Ice bath time! Getting ready for my week of hard work and my Cryotherapy tomorrow #MedizinSysteme #zimmer,” she wrote in a caption for the picture.