Lincoln Riley says size doesn’t matter with Kyler Murray – (News)

Lincoln Riley says size doesn’t matter with Kyler Murray –

This just in: People make assumptions about players, particularly about quarterbacks, based on physical characteristics they can see.

And because Kyler Murray is short and fast, they assume he must be a scrambler.

But Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley told Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America that the quarterback who could be the first passer taken in this year’s draft threw between “85 percent, 90 maybe?” of his passes from the pocket. It was actually 89 percent, which means Riley is as good at guessing as Murray was at completing those passes.

So while his height (and it’s expected to come in under 5-foot-10 when he gets to Indianapolis for the Scouting Combine next week) will be a major storyline, Riley doesn’t think it’s a big deal, particularly after another not-tall quarterback of his (Baker Mayfield) has had some success in the league.

“Throughout all the years with both Baker and Kyler, I can’t ever remember there being a time where we said, We want to run this play, or use this scheme, or protect this way but we can’t do it because these guys are 5-10 or 6-foot instead of 6-4,” Riley said. “It never really entered into the equation. I don’t think their pro coaches are going to think about it either.”

While some worry about Murray getting passes batted down at the line of scrimmage, he only had five of those last season at Oklahoma. Duke’s Daniel Jones is 6-foot-5 and had 12. So while there might be concerns, Riley clearly doesn’t see Murray’s height being a limitation.