Lexus NX rolls on wheels made of ice – Watch

Lexus NX rolls on wheels made of ice (Video)
Lexus NX rolls on wheels made of ice (Video)

You might think the chrome wheels on your car are so cool they’re “ice cold.” But they’re not as icy as the rims on this Lexus NX. That’s because Lexus bolted up wheels and tires made from solid ice.

The specific car used was the Lexus NX, and its cooler wheels were painstakingly made to resemble the real thing, with each wheel taking four sculptors 36 hours to finish. That’s after the three months of research and development, according to Car and Driver, and the five days the wheels and car were frozen in -22° Fahrenheit (-30° Celsius) temperatures.

The ice wheels themselves were outfitted with acrylic spokes to help them support the weight of the NX, as well as blue LED lights simply to make them look even more amazing. In the above video, you can see the NX driving slowly, so there’s no telling just how fast it could go while still maintaining some level of control.

We also don’t know how long the tires lasted or how effective they were, but we can probably make assumptions about the latter – a car was literally driving on ice, after all. Even with real, rubber tires, traversing icy roads is typically something you want to avoid.

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