LEGO Star Destroyer, Shattered on May 4th – Watch

LEGO Star Destroyer, Shattered on May 4th - Watch

Giant Star Wars LEGO Super Star Destroyer Shattered, Technical geniuses at science, culture and technology website, Wired, have filmed a slow-motion video of the star ship’s obliteration.

The vessel, made entirely from LEGO, is pictured shattering after it was dropped.

May the 4th has been adopted as Star Wars day and was celebrated across the county and the galaxy beyond.

May the 4th Be With You was marked on Sky with the start of a marathon session of Jedi movies, which will mark the first time all six main films have been aired back to back in the UK.

Sky Movies Showcase screened the two trilogies from Monday, repeating non-stop until a final screening of A New Hope ends at 5:50am on Wednesday.

Star Wars fever is already in the air, particularly after the most recent The Force Awakens trailer. Episode VII, kicking off a third core trilogy set in the galaxy far, far away, is released in December, so Sky’s plans are perfect for reacquainting yourself with the saga.