LeBron ’emasculated’ coach? LeBron James Reportedly Undermined David Blatt Throughout The Finals

LeBron 'emasculated' coach? LeBron James Reportedly Undermined David Blatt Throughout The Finals

LeBron ’emasculated’ Coach David Blatt throughout NBA Finals.

According to ESPN senior writer Marc Stein it cost another man’s mojo, specifically, Cavaliers Coach David Blatt’s.

As the sideline reporter for ESPN Radio throughout the series, Stein got to see first hand the kind of attitude the future NBA legend has towards Blatt on the court and it has been anything but legendary.

On top of controlling opposition players with his hard, driving attack and brutal defence, it seems James also likes to have control over the Cav’s play-by-play structure.

Stein has told ESPN he witnessed James essentially calling timeouts on plays, making decisions on substitutions and even barking at the former Euroleague coach to change plays he didn’t like.

In one shocking instance during Game 5, Stein alleges he witnessed Lebron call out Blatt on a play in front of the whole team, which then resulted in the coach wiping the board clean and drawing up a completely different plan.

Talk about ‘King James’.

According to Stein, “LeBron’s otherworldly performance in this series, on top of everything he’s done for Northeast Ohio just by returning to the area and revitalizing it beyond words, doesn’t make any of this stuff palatable.”

There aren’t many people out there that would disagree with Stein in saying Lebron is out of line.

However some may contest that Blatt is not entirely innocent in the whole ordeal. It is after all his responsibility as coach to connect with his players and assert himself as the man in charge.

During the Cavaliers press conference, Blatt disputed that there may be bad blood between himself and James, commenting on what a “special opportunity” it is to be able to work with Lebron.

“You know, I think it’s a special thing to have the opportunity to work with LeBron on a daily basis,” Blatt said.

“You know, people sometimes judge things on a game or on a period of time, and they forget that we’re in there working together and striving to make the utmost of our team and of our situation day-to-day. And a bond develops over time that is a lot more than what meets the eye. It’s been a great pleasure and a great honour to work with a player of his magnitude, and to work with someone who is so committed to helping this organization reach its goals, and is so committed to helping his teammates make it to the highest level. And I can just tell you it’s been a fantastic experience, and I’m looking forward to continuing it.”

Blatt went on to describe his relationship with Lebron as “invigorating and exhilarating.”

“Well, people make it out to be more than it is in terms of some personal feeling or challenge,” he said.

“For me, it’s always been about finding ways to help him reach his goals, which is exactly what we want here in the team and in the organization. We want to be a championship team. The most important thing for me in working with LeBron and in working with all of the players is finding out what works, what helps them, what makes them tick, what gives them the kind of confidence and the kind of direction and the kind of partnership that’s needed to make this a successful team. I can tell you one thing: It’s been a lot of fun, on a number of different levels. It’s not just the challenging aspect. It’s having the opportunity to work with a truly special, special player. I mean, one of the most, if not the most special player of all time. That’s not a small thing. It’s invigorating and exhilarating, in all honesty.”