Le Griffon Shipwreck found : Muskegon divers claim to find elusive “Le Griffon” shipwreck

Updated: December 29, 2014
Le Griffon Shipwreck found : Muskegon divers claim to find elusive "Le Griffon" shipwreck

Le Griffon, or the Griffin.
It’s considered to be the holy grail of all shipwrecks lost in the Great Lakes. For more than 300 years, many have searched for it, but since it sunk in 1679, it has decided it hasn’t wanted to be found.

Until recently, according to some divers.

“When I was down there, I turned around and I was literally four feet from this shipwreck and I never saw it on my way down,” Dykstra told local outlet WZZM-TV, “so my return trip was quite fast.”

“It really wasn’t until we got back to a computer and viewed the photos that I realized I very well could have been photographing the Griffin,” he added.

After returning home and consulting experts, the duo believes they most certainly found the ship. Especially considering what they didn’t see when they were under water.

“We researched online to find a 17th-century French Griffin, and the one we came up with, I over-layed on top of the photo [I took of the Griffin carving on the front of the ship] and it was really impressive,” Dykstra told the outlet. “So it’s either a 100-to-1 odds that the front of the ship looks exactly like a griffin, and I don’t know how that can happen by coincidence, and to know that the wood carvers that built the Griffin carved the likeness of a Griffin in the front of the ship, it kind of lends itself towards that.”